Interns gain hands-on experience researching, writing, and editing for the English edition of a major publication in Greece’s capital, Athens. Empiria interns receive mentorship and guidance from experienced, professional journalists and editors.


Medical Research

Empiria interns gain knowledge and experience working as part of a team under the guidance of medical professionals. Interns conduct and contribute independent research and learn about medical and social dimensions of various diseases and conditions, and how the Greek medical field approaches discovering solutions and therapies (i.e. dementia, malaria, meningitis among others).


Museum Studies

With its rich cultural and historical heritage, Greece is host to some of the most innovative and exciting museums in the world. Empiria interns have the unique opportunity to work closely with museum curators to develop digital, interactive exhibitions with smart technology and create content in English for international audiences.




Empria interns work with NGO’s to provide care for homeless and refugee mothers and their children. Interns learn how to work with victims of violence, persecution, and abandonment, teaching English language and developing practical skills for re-integration into society. There are also opportunities to teach smart, creative, and secure uses of the internet to orphaned and refugee children.



Environmental Protection

Empiria interns work with leading organizations conducting environmental monitoring and nature conservation. Focusing on the coastal zone, where the land-sea interactions are clear and the impacts are visible, interns work on the application of monitoring schemes on the coastal habitats with emphasis in the seagrass meadows (blue carbon banks) and the rocky reefs.



Empiria interns work with a variety of organizations, research institutions, and companies that develop projects in artificial intelligence, aerospace instruments and technology, fluid mechanics, UAV design and development, sustainable energy, chemical engineering, computer and electrical engineering.




Empiria interns work for a research institution on projects where duties consist of isolating peptides from marine organisms, green chemistry applications in peptide synthesis, synthesis of peptides for hydrogels, and synthesis of bioactive peptides.