Empiria Learning


Welcome to Empiria’s journey!

Empiria means Experience

Our goal is to provide students with professional and cultural experiences in Greece and Cyprus.

Familiarize yourself with the rich history and diversity of the eastern Mediterranean. For thousands of years, this has been where world trade routes converge and where cultures and religions meet.

Get professional skills and immerse yourself in a rich culture.

We help you build a professional network.

Through Empiria’s internships, you develop a solid sense of global responsibility and interconnectedness.

Our students learn other ways of life and thinking, and acquire significant professional and educational experience.

Our immersive program is composed of the following:

Internship Placement

Internship placement is based on your interests and skills, to find the ideal internship for you.

Pre-departure preparation

We make sure you’re fully prepared to begin your journey in country.


We connect you with an engaging and meaningful internship, where you will have hands-on experience and a team-oriented work environment.

Cultural Immersion

We organize unique activities for our students to take part in local life.


We help you find housing that best fits your needs,
in safe and lively neighborhoods.

Introduction to Modern Greek

Intensive Greek classes that will help you integrate faster into your new home country’s language and culture.


We make ourselves available to you around the clock, on the ground and in person.