Empiria Learning

Remote Program


Being able to work remotely is an increasingly valuable asset for the global economy. Through our internships you develop your professional skills through project-based work, and you learn how to work remotely.

We design your internship in such a way that you gain real experience and knowledge through substantial, hands-on work.

Your remote internship will also consist of regular staff meetings, which will keep you in tune with the developing work of your organization/company.

We customize internship options
according to your professional interests and goals

Upon accepting your internship, together with your internship supervisors, you will complete the Internship Work Agreement, which details the work expectations.

Depending on the nature of your work, you may also need to sign a confidentiality agreement directly with your internship organization.

You will be assigned a supervisor at the organization or company where you are interning. This person will train you, oversee your progress on your internship project, and mentor you.

Empiria also provides ongoing remote oversight of your internship experience. Throughout the entire internship, Empiria will be available by email, Zoom, and phone to review any concerns and questions you might have regarding your internship.

Upon completion of the internship,
Empiria requests students to submit a report
on their overall experience with the internship.